2019 Winter Market Vendors

All vendors are local makers, creators, and artists. We're so happy to share their work with you.


3 Dandelion Seeds

Fadra Hepner makes handcrafted pottery and jewelry. Inspired by nature, her work takes the simple pleasures abound and translates it into each & every item she makes.


Brush & Trouble

Jennifer Collantes of Brush & Trouble makes ceramic pots, tan sheepskins, along with an assortment clean sheep's skulls. She even handcrafts small items from wool!



Sasha Goodnow makes meditation cushions, eye pillows, and earrings. She hand-dyes her fabrics making each piece perfectly imperfect.


Leif Labs

Cory McCarter makes soft-goods, cycling accessories, and chain-stitch patches. The balance of form and function informs his work. Plus cute things!


Mold & Deckle

Mary & Courtney make handmade Papers and hand-bound journals made from repurposed materials. They hunt for old book covers to repurpose into journals and beat pulps to create beautiful handmade papers in their down time. All their products are handmade dearly and queerly in their cozy house in Columbia, Missouri.


RIPCSE studio

Simple small (more like micro) batch clothing. Thoughtful attention given to simple silhouettes that are versatile and can harmonize with each other. Heather Ripsce is interested in things that can look as if they are from the past and the future simultaneously.



Caitlin Passalacqua Ruth makes needlework and embroidery pieces inspired by nature and anatomy.



Sugarwitch is dedicated to creating that perfect mouthful, a moment of uncomplicated satisfaction and pleasure brought to you through homemade ice cream sandwiches in nostalgic and innovative flavor combinations. And as food system nerds, they're inspired to pursue responsible sourcing and labor practices as they grow!



Yonder is a husband & wife team that makes screen printed tees, totes, pillows, towels and pouches featuring their original designs. They utilize upcycled canvas for all of their handmade products and use eco friendly water based ink in their printing. They are inspired by animals and plants, and often feature their beloved cats in their designs.


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